Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda

About us

Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda (ZPS; The Skoda Employee Health Insurance Company) was established on 15 October 1992 at the request of Skoda, a.s. (now Skoda Auto, a.s.) based in Mlada Boleslav.

Over time, it has developed into a regional health insurance company with a stable clientele and strong ties to its founding company, Skoda Auto, a.s. Currently, ZPS has its headquarters in Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic) and has several branches in the surrounding area.

Since its establishment, ZPS has gained a good reputation for its maximum efforts to provide quality services to its policyholders within the framework of the current legislation and health insurance plan. With regard to the health care of its policyholders, ZPS focuses on both the reimbursement of medical procedures as well as health programmes and other preventive measures aimed at preventing serious illnesses, thus protecting health.


Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda
Husova 302
293 01 Mladá Boleslav

E-mail and telephone number | +420 326 579 111

Contact person

Mgr. Josef Novotný
Telephone: +420 326 579 102

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register with ZPŠ?

You can register at any ZPŠ contact place by submitting an identity document and filled out Personal Sheet.

What kind of medical care is paid for from the public health insurance plan?

Medical care that is fully paid from public health care insurance funds includes out-patient and in-patient care, urgent and emergency care, preventive care, dispensary care, provision of medicines, medical devices, and dental products, balneal care, care in professional children's sanatoriums and convalescent homes, company-provided preventive care, transport of ill persons (if required by the insured person's medical condition) and reimbursement of travel costs, expert opinion activities (only to a certain extent), examination of deceased persons and autopsies. Insured persons contribute to the payment of the costs for certain procedures or medical devices that exceed the framework defined by law.

For example, this includes certain dental procedures, a part of balneal care, and especially co-payment for some medications. Some medications are paid for by insurance companies in full, while some of them are partly paid for by a patient. Nevertheless, every group of medications has to contain at least one that is fully paid for by an insurance provider; and for others, the doctor has to notify the patient in advance about his/her co-payment responsibility when picking the medicine up from a pharmacy. Costs of medications and medical devices in the course of in-patient care are paid in full. Medical care, to which public health insurance does not apply and that has to be paid directly, is defined by law. This concerns, for example, selected dental procedures or acupuncture.

How to arrange travel insurance when traveling abroad?

Czech-insured persons should not rely only on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when traveling abroad, because, in EU countries, co-payment for treatment is not later reimbursed in the Czech Republic. 

They are not entitled to transportation back to the Czech Republic free of charge, and for medical care, they can only use medical facilities that are funded by public resources. We provide foreign travel insurance in cooperation with Vitalitas pojišťovna, a.s., the insurance company. Insurance can be arranged online at

Insurance of medical expenses abroad

Medical expenses cover the costs of medical treatment, hospitalization if necessary, and medications and other medical material necessary for the illness or injury. Sum Insured: CZK 5,000,000

Insurance includes:

  • Insurance of repatriation costs
  • Repatriation means returning home via substitute transportation: ambulance, airplane, or even a special flight if it is not possible to use the originally planned transportation means to return home. Repatriation also includes transport of remains in case of death abroad. Sum Insured: CZK 200,000*
  • Insurance of costs for sending a caretaker
  • We're not just thinking about you, but about your children. That is why we ensure the costs of sending for a caretaker. This insurance covers the costs to and from a foreign country, as well as accommodation costs if your child ends up abroad without help (e.g., if a child travels with a grandmother who is hospitalized abroad due to a sudden gall bladder problem). Sum Insured: CZK 50,000*

Additional insurance

Additional insurance can be arranged to supplement insurance for medical expenses abroad. It significantly reduces the consequences of damages that you might incur.

  • Additional Sports Insurance: Do you love skiing, mountain climbing, or scuba diving? Insuring medical expenses may cover your travels, but don't forget about additional sports insurance! With this additional insurance, you'll be able to enjoy your passion for sport with peace of mind.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance covers loss of life, health, or property caused by the insured person to a third person abroad.

Sums Insured:
CZK 10,000,000* (loss of life or health)
CZK 10,000,000* (property damage)

  • Additional Accident Insurance

Insurance of permanent disability caused by injury: Unfortunately, some injuries cause permanent disabilities. To help you deal with these unexpected situations, we offer permanent disability insurance. Sum Insured is CZK 200,000 (the sums insured apply to Europe, the Mediterranean countries, and the rest of the world)

Insurance for death resulting from injury: In the worst case, injury results in death. In such cases, we provide one-time indemnity. Sum Insured: CZK 100,000 (the sums insured apply to Europe, the Mediterranean countries, and the rest of the world). 

  • Luggage Insurance

We have prepared luggage insurance in the event of luggage loss, damage, or theft. Sum Insured: CZK 20,000*

Daily insurance premium for ZPŠ clients in Europe and Mediterranean countries

Age range medical expenses (basic insurance premium) Additional Accident Insurance Health damage, property damage Luggage Insurance Additional Sports Insurance


CZK 10

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 10


CZK 14

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 14


CZK 30

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 30

The price of a business trip is double the daily insurance premium.

Daily insurance premium for ZPŠ clients in the world (with USA / without USA)

Age range medical expenses (basic insurance premium) Additional Accident Insurance Health damage, property damage Luggage Insurance Additional Sports Insurance

0 - 17

CZK 30 / 20

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 30 / 20

18 - 69

CZK 42 / 28

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 42 / 28

70 and up

CZK 90 / 60

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 5

+ CZK 90 / 60

The price of a business trip is double the daily insurance premium. 

How to pay the insurance premium?

  • Via a money order issued by ZPŠ
  • Transfer to the ZPŠ account at ČNB, a.s.
Account No. 2092101181/0710
Variable symbol
personal identification number
Constant symbol 558 (when making a transfer from account to account)
1379 (when paying cash)
Specific symbol 230 (for self-employed persons)
240 (for persons without taxable income)
Payment from abroad CZ67 0710 0000 0020 9210 1181

What am I obliged to report to ZPŠ?

The rights and obligations of insured persons are governed by Act No. 48/1997 Coll., on Public Health Insurance, as amended. The insured person is obliged to report the following changes within specified periods to the health insurance provider:

Obligation to report within 30 days any change of 

  • Name and surname
  • Permanent residence
  • Personal identification number

Obligation to report within 8 days

  • Birth of a child: Legal guardian is responsible for reporting duty. The child becomes an insured person of the insurance provider that was covering the child's mother on the day of the child's birth.
  •  Beginning or end of the government's responsibility to pay the insurance premium on behalf of an insured person in the following cases:
    • Study (of a dependent child)
    • Pension drawing (retirement, disability, widow/widower)
    • Registration with the Employment Bureau
    • Receipt of health insurance benefits by reason of a protective period
    • Maternity leave (receipt of parental allowance)
    • All-day, personal and regular care of a child up to 7 years of age or at least two children up to 15 years of age, even if the child is placed in a nursery school (daycare centre) for a period that does not exceed 4 hours a day (a caretaker, father or mother may not have income from employment or self-employment)
    • Receipt of social security benefits because of social neediness (persons almost or completely helpless and persons caring for them, persons caring for a long-term seriously disabled child who requires exceptional care)
    • performance of military service
    • detention or imprisonment.
  • Beginning or end of the insured person's responsibility to pay insurance premiums
    • Self-employed persons – when changing a health insurance provider, a document on the number of insurance premiums paid in advance calculated from an assessment base must be submitted to the new health insurance provider
    • Persons without taxable income, i.e., insured persons, who are not self-employed and for whom insurance premiums are not paid by the government or an employer.
  • Commencement or termination of employment if an employer did not do so already. 

Obligation to return an insurance card to the health insurance provider within 8 days and to report the following facts. 

Change of health insurance provider

  • Long-term stay abroad (in accordance with Article 8 par. 4 of the aforementioned act). 
  • Expiration of the health insurance coverage for the following reasons:
    • Death of the insured person or his being declared dead
    • Termination of employment of a person without permanent residence in the Czech Republic
    • Termination of permanent residence in the Czech Republic

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Contact person

Mgr. Josef Novotný
Telephone: +420-326-579-102